DeFi: The New Era of DeFi: DeFiAi 2.0

DeFi, also known as Decentralized Finance, In the past centuries, the financial service has been provided by the central authorities, which are the reliable intermediary agencies. They need to evaluate the risk return status of the investment and conduct the cost benefit analysis, which may cause the small and medium-sized enterprises, special industry and the entire group to be excluded from traditional finance.

In case of no quick innovation, it shall strictly abide by the centralized system of KYC and AML agreements, but it could not serve a developing market. In such a market, the company could satisfy the regular credit check and may not hold the certificate issued by the government.

DeFi aims at providing an alternative financial system that could be applied worldwide equally. Once accessing the internet, the users could join in various agreements and projects, which is a goal of an open, unlicensed and decentralized financial system.

No matter the total market value, capital scale of locked position or token price, DeFi projects achieve increasing development. As a development direction with great potential, DeFi is an important sector in the global finance system and it has a bright future.

Exhaustive exploitation of liquidity mining DeFi is the one to provide the underlying public chain infrastructure, and the most significant part is that it could offer the liquidity. It is the premise and foundation for DeFi to operate. With the exploration of the liquidity mining mode, people gradually find its drawbacks. Such short-term incentive mode will cause the exhaustive exploitation of the project and agreement, and even accelerate the project towards extinction.

Under such mode, no consensus is not reached on the long term benefits of liquidity providers and agreements, and such contradiction will slow the growth of DeFi. Under such a background, the concept of DeFi2.0 appears. It changes the relations between the agreement and liquidity providers through the new mechanism, and finally re-construct the liquidity service itself.

DEFIAI belongs to DEFI 2.0. It is a community-driven agreement, automates portfolio managers, liquidity providers and price sensors. It supports decentralized trading, and the automated portfolio management of the tokens on the Bsc blockchain and other EVM compatible systems.

Finally, DEFIAI will be developed to the one-stop DeFi product with the cross chain asset summary and revenue market, and it is committed to creating a light, open and free financial world that everyone could participate in.

The main product form is the DeFi aggregator platform for the DEFIAI's liquidity mining, income aggregator, transaction aggregation, enhanced insurance on wealth management and one-key aggregate lending, satisfying the all-round financial demand of the assets. It could offer a growth point for the users, so that they could learn about their future rate of return immediately.

Allocation of funds to the preferred DeFi protocol, selection of high-yield and high-liquidity protocols, participation in liquidity mining, even novice users can easily get started.

Switch between different protocols and mining pools to screen for the highest revenue. The gas fee for invoking these contracts is centrally operated by AI, and users share the gas fee together, effectively reducing costs.

Stake and withdraw anytime, flexible and convenient.

DeFiAI puts the income earned by the stable strategy pool into the high-yield compound interest strategy pool, and automatically compound interest in each high-yield pool, and automatically transfers the income to the stable strategy pool every week, and continues to compound interest and arbitrage while ensuring the safety of users’ funds and earn interest.

DeFiAI is a smart contract deployed on the BSC. It has passed through audits, only the user can manage the assets deposited in the smart contract through the secret phase, no other person or organization (including DeFiAI) can access or change the personal account permissions.

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