Crypto News: Tesla accepts Dogecoin: DOGE is gaining a huge bullish momentum

Elon Musk’s Tesla has started accepting Dogecoin payments for some of its products online. As of now, consumers can buy the 4-wheel ATV Cyberquad, Giga Texas Belt Buckle and the Cyberwhistle with DOGE. These products can only be purchased with Dogecoin, not even USD.

Just an hour after the news, Tesla’s Cyberwhistle accessory was sold out on its website. It was the cheapest among the listed Dogecoin items, which was selling for only 300 DOGE.

Since last week, several sources have been teasing Tesla and Dogecoin’s imminent partnership. Many developers shared internal source code screenshots of the Tesla website, showing DOGE being tested as a payment method. Earlier today, the news was confirmed by Dogecoin founder Billy Markus on his Twitter feed.

DOGE prices are soaring since the announcement, as traders scramble to get their hands on the leading meme coin. Although Tesla’s acceptance of DOGE was highly anticipated, the timing was very surprising. The news came in the midst of a major bear market when big-name coins like Bitcion and Ethereum are slumping.

DOGE is currently the second-best gainer in the 24-hour period, as prices are up by almost 23% since yesterday. Tesla and Elon Musk historically have a massive impact on crypto prices. When Tesla started accepting Bitcion payments last year, BTC prices surged almost 30% in a week. Although the same prediction can’t be made for DOGE, Tesla’s announcement triggered a critical bull run for the meme coin.

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