Crypto News: Google is considering allowing users to store cryptocurrencies on digital cards

On January 20, technology giant Google announced the hiring of former PayPal senior vice president and chief product architect Arnold Goldberg. According to Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce, they want to expand their payments business across consumer-facing use cases, especially with the crypto industry.

Coinbase and BitPay announced in 2021 that their customers could connect their respective crypto debit cards to the Google Pay app, BillReady stated: “Google will expand more similar businesses in the future and said. Crypto is something we are very concerned about. With the development of user needs and business needs, we will explore more cooperation in this area.”

Tech mogul Google is reportedly considering furthering its involvement in the field of cryptocurrencies.

  • Google, one of the world’s biggest companies and the leading search engine, is considering allowing users to store cryptocurrencies in digital cards.
  • According to the Bloomberg report, the company has also hired Arnold Goldberg to spearhead its payments division.
  • Goldberg was previously the VP of Merchant Product and Technology at payments processing giant PayPal.
  • The company has some ties to the crypto industry but nothing too definitive until now. As CryptoPotato reported earlier in 2021, Alphabet – Google’s parent company, invested $1 billion in the futures exchange CME which is one of the leading providers of institutional-grade BTC futures.

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